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AJ Novick Group, Inc. Presents:

The AJ Novick Group, Inc. is the authority on fan education safety programs for professional and college sporting events and venues. We provide online classes that address disruptive fan behavior which violates a stadium’s Code of Conduct policy. Our courses are most commonly recommended by stadium security as a requirement of re-admittance to fans who have been ejected due to public intoxication or inappropriate or unsafe behavior.

We provide programs for the National Football League (NFL) and United Soccer League (USL). We also offer programming for colleges and universities who need to address similar issues that violate their school and/or stadium policies. If you have been required to take a class for a violation of a particular stadium’s Code of Conduct policy, please select the type of venue below and register online.

The NFL Fan Conduct Class is mandatory for all NFL Teams. This program is part of the NFL’s Best Practices for Fan Conduct Policy outlined in sections 2.6 and 2.7.

Available Fan Conduct Classes

NFL Fan Conduct Classes Select NFL Stadium
USL Fan Conduct Classes Select USL Stadium
Fan Conduct Class for Stadium Concerts & Events Select Stadium
College/University Fan Conduct Classes Select College

This 4 hour class will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction, purpose and benefits of Fan Conduct Class
  • Stadium “Code of Conduct” policies
  • Alcohol abuse and public intoxication (Intoxication or other signs of alcohol or substance impairment that results in irresponsible behavior)
  • Alcohol education and risk reduction
  • What is disruptive fan behavior? (Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature)
  • Gaining control of ourselves (Interference with the progress of the game, including throwing objects onto the field)
  • Skills in improving empathy towards other fans
  • Skills for becoming less impulsive and improving judgment
  • Skills for better managing stress and learning new ways of staying in control during the game day experience
  • Communication skills as prevention (Foul or abusive language or obscene gesture)
  • Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans
  • Smoking policies
  • Skills in improving the game day experience for oneself and others
  • Review of stadium code of conduct and course skills

Our Guarantee

*We stand behind all of our products and programs. While most participants take our online fan code of conduct class for violations of a stadium’s fan fan code of conducy policy, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality and acceptance of our programs for a requirement, we will refund your money in full with written proof of decline.


These are educational courses only. They are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice or counseling.