Ari Novick, Ph.D. speaks at NFL National Security Conference 2017

by Dr. Ari Novick June 8, 2017

Dr. Novick was once again an invited speaker at the 2017 NFL national security conference in Washington D.C. this past May.  Dr. Novick was brought in to discuss important updates to the Fan Conduct Class and help the league improve compliance.  The Fan Conduct Class is part of the NFL's best practice policy and an instrumental peice of helping improve game saftey and the game day experience for all fans.  While the majority of attending fans will never take the Fan Conduct Class, any ejected fan will be required to take the class in order to re-enter the stadium again.  Fans found on stadium grounds who have been ejected and haven't completed the madatory class, may be arrested for trespassing, have their ticket revoked and potentially baned from the stadium.  For more information on the Fan Conduct Class please visit our website or call 949-715-2694

Fan Conduct Class Testimonial from MetLife Stadium

by Dr. Ari Novick May 22, 2017

It's always nice to get feedback from fans who take the Fan Conduct Class.  Here is one that just came in from a fan who was ejected at MetLife stadium.

"Please see attached certificate of completion from the fan conduct class.  This course helped me understand how to put myself in someone else's shoes not only in Metlife stadium but in everyday life whether drinking or not drinking.  This course truly gives someone insight as to understand how another may feel and how your own negative actions can harm or upset another.  It also helped me learn certain ways to speak to others to avoid having a negative impact on the conversation.  Thank you for making me take this class and I look forward to receiving the acceptance letter back into Metlife when you decide or are free to send it."

The Fan Conduct Class is an important part of the NFL's continued efforts to improve fan saftey and the game day experience.  


NFL Fan Conduct Class for 2016/17 Season is Under Way

by Dr. Ari Novick August 27, 2016

The NFL is serious about fan safety and improving the game day experience for all fans.  They want to make attending games a fun, family friendly experience. This is part of the reason why the Fan Conduct Class became a permanent part of their policy for best practices for all stadiums league wide.  Simply put, bad behavior at games will not be tolerated.  If one is ejected from the game, every stadium will require that fan to complete certain requirements to re-enter again.  One of those requirements may be to take the Fan Conduct Class.  The class is aimed at teaching ejected fans about that particular stadiums safety and conduct polices so that they don't repeat the behavior that got them ejected the first time.

New for the 2016/17 season is the integration of more Spanish speaking options and well as content changes to improve how fans can learn about safety initiatives.  Some important safety initiates include improved text messaging to security to report problems and updates to the NFL clear bag policy for entrance.

While less than 1% of all NFL fans will ever be required to take the class, the Fan Conduct Class is an integral part of the NFL's overall effort to make every game and fun and enjoyable experience for all.

University of Mississippi to Utilize the Fan Conduct Class

by Dr. Ari Novick September 4, 2015

We are please to have the University of Mississippi join the Fan Conduct Class as the first major university to utilize our online education classes to address issues related to violating school policies, disruptive behavior and alcohol abuse while attending game or venues at the university.  The online course is designed similarly to those we provide for the NFL and MLS; however the content is customized specifically for the University of Mississippi. 

Topics include:

   The University Creed;

   University Game Day policies;

   Student Conduct Policies;

   The 2 Strike Policy;

   Other relevant University information;

   Alcohol Education, Risk Reduction and Prevention;

   Skills To Improve Game/Event Day Stress; and Improving Disruptive Behavior.

The purpose of this online course is to educate students on acceptable game day behavior that is in alignment with University values and policies. Upon completion of this online course, students will have a better understanding of game day expectations and student conduct policies identified in the M Book.

If you are a college or university, please feel free to contact us to learn more about how our fan and student education classes online can help improve campus safety and the venue day experience.

Fan Conduct Class for MLS Available in French

by Dr. Ari Novick June 15, 2015

We have recently added a new translated version of the Fan Conduct Class for French speaking fans who are ejected from MLS games and must take the Fan conduct Class.  Saputo Stadium now has this new French version and can be found here

The Fan Conduct Class is already available in Spanish and we will be adding other translated versions as the demand increases.  The MLS takes fan ejections seriously and has followed suit with the NFL in addressing the need to improve the game day experience and make attending games as safe as possible.


MLS to Implement the Fan Conduct Class for the 2015 Season League wide

by Dr. Ari Novick February 25, 2015

Following suit with the NFL, Major League Soccer has now implemented the Fan Conduct Class league-wide for all U.S. clubs.  The class must be taken by fans who are ejected for "threshold offenses".  

Threshold offenses are:


i.      Acts of violence to include, but not limited to, assaults and or batteries

ii.      Racial, sexist, or xenophobic language or behavior

iii.      Field intrusions

iv.      Provoking and/or overtly inciting behavior resulting in a stadium ban

v.      Possession or use of unauthorized pyrotechnic/smoke devices at an event


The MLS is committed to creating the safest possible enviroment for fans and wants the game day experience to be an exceptional one for all fans.  We look forward to our continued work and success helping the MLS with this mission.

Dr. Novick Speaks at WinterBall Conference for Baseball in San Diego

by Dr. Ari Novick December 16, 2014

Dr. Novick presented yesterday at the 2014 Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, CA.  The presentation was titled, “Fan Conduct Class- Improving fan safety and the game day experience”. The presentation was made to approximately 100 Minor and Major league teams and educated them about the Fan Conduct Class program.

While fan ejections are lower in baseball then some other professional sports, there are still a small percentage of fans that do get ejected from games for behaving badly and violating the clubs “Code of Conduct” policy.  The Fan Conduct Class program is a new way for professional baseball to address this very serious problem in an educational way.  Fans ejected will be required to complete the simple, yet informative, online class prior to being legally allowed back into the stadium.  Fans will learn basic skills to improve their behavior as well as get a 1/1 tutorial on the clubs code of conduct policy.MilB logo

The purpose of the class is to, of course, improve attendance and ticket sales, increase fan moral and safety and make the game day experience as good as possible for every fan.

If you attended the conference or simply want more information on the program, please fill out our contact form at Fan Conduct

MetLife Stadium security a trendsetter

by Dr. Ari Novick October 26, 2014

Great article featured on regarding MetLife Stadiums incredible efforts to address fan safety and the game day experience.


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — A shoving match breaks out in a section of the MetLife Stadium stands. While security officers hustle to the scene, a beyond state-of-the-art surveillance system is recording every detail.

No more conflicting accusations and complaints. The cameras show all.

The cameras installed late last year before the stadium hosted the Super Bowl feature a mega-pixel system that provides comprehensive, undisrupted video coverage throughout every part of the venue. MetLife Stadium previously won a security award and recently was nominated for another one for the system, which cost close to $1 million. Praise has come from the NFL for implementing a program that the league wants expanded to every team's home.

"We can validate people's accounts of any dispute, see what actually happened," says Daniel DeLorenzi, director of security and safety services at MetLife Stadium, which opened in 2010. "We can simply call our command center, see on video exactly who was involved and what occurred.

"The video also has evidentiary value; it's been used to see if anyone should be arrested and who."

It's also utilized when medical issues crop up somewhere in the building.

"You get unique situations with 80,000 people in your stadium," DeLorenzi adds. "The diversity makes this system invaluable."

From the command center, video operators can watch every nook and cranny of the stadium except inside the luxury boxes.

"The idea is to see every seat in the bowl," DeLorenzi says.

Cameras also monitor concourses, escalators, the outside of the building and the parking lots. The system has the ability to provide views of about a quarter-mile away, showing surrounding roadways and even the Giants' practice facility.

It took several months of investigating products and suppliers before the stadium settled on the camera design by Arecont Vision and management of the system by Genetec Security Center, according to MetLife Stadium President and CEO Brad Mayne. Installation took nine months, but the system was in place well before last February's Super Bowl.

The stadium has about 40 events a year, including 10 home dates each for the Giants and Jets, college football games, concerts and motor racing.

And it's not all about the cameras. When the stadium opened, DeLorenzi implemented a program emphasizing fan conduct.

If someone is ejected from MetLife Stadium, that person is banned for all events until completing a readmittance program. That program entails having the barred person fill out a form that basically is an ejection report; explain to DeLorenzi what his or her actions were; and take an online conduct course vowing to act responsibly.

Once that person has a certificate of completion, readmittance is granted.

"We've had no repeat offenders from people who have taken the class," says DeLorenzi.

The NFL is so impressed with the fan conduct course it will be making it mandatory throughout the league.

What began as an alcohol awareness class morphed into a program addressing other issues. The class includes anger management and stress management techniques courses to provide an understanding of the impact of bad behavior on others.

"Our class registrations are up," says Ray DiNunzio, the NFL's director of strategic security programs. "If fans violate one of the principle tenets, they are required to be ejected from the stadium and prohibited from returning to the stadium until completing the course. And new in 2014, they are barred from any NFL stadium."

DiNunzio notes the "number of ejections are way below 1 percent" of people in attendance at games. There were fewer than 8,000 ejections leaguewide in 2013.

"We will have a better picture of compliance after the fan conduct inspection process concludes this season," he said.

Fans can report issues at the New Jersey Meadowlands stadium directly to the security command center in the bowels of the building through texting to 78247 and typing "MLS," followed by a request for assistance and a location; by calling a Hotline at 201 559-1515; or by sending a tweet to @MLStadium.

The stadium also has undercover security and police officers who play a role in game-day security.

"We're tracking stats as much as we can to learn if the fan conduct class is an effective tool," DiNunzio says. "The last thing we want is to have a program that requires this much effort on the part of the fan and the league and for it to not be effective."

MetLife Stadium's DeLorenzi has no doubt about the effectiveness of the course and of the camera system.

"The message is simply that what you do and how you behave is subject to scrutiny," he says. "And we have the means there to see what you did."


AP NFL website: and

2014 Fan Testimonial- Fan Education is Working

by Dr. Ari Novick July 30, 2014

We take fan feedback very seriously and appreciate feedback.  Here is a recent email sent to one of the NFL's key stadium security officers:

"I successfully completed the course and have gained much knowledge in proper fan behavior. I look forward again be able to attend NY Giants games with a new outlook. Thank you for the opportunity to better my experience at games antools to be a better fan and exhibit better behavior for my fellow fans and stadium staff. Please let me know if I am officially welcomed back at your soonest convenience. My certificate is attached."

Thank you,


FCC: Thank you JB for taking the time to complete the class.  We appreciate your efforts and desire to be a more responsible fan.

Fan Conduct Class updates for the 2014 Season

by Dr. Ari Novick July 10, 2014

We will be making some modifications to the program for the 2014 season.  The class will encompass more topics related to all possible code of conduct violations league wide.  The class will soon be translated into Spanish as well as a mobile friendly version of the program to make use on cellular and other non desktop devices.  We are moving into our 5th full season with the class, and the NFL is working hard on their part to create the safest and most enjoyable game day experience possible. Enforcement of the program is also moving in the right direction.  Fans who are ejected and required to take the class may not return to ANY NFL stadium until the class is completed along with a written appology to security.  The price of the class will also increase for 2014 as well as the amount donated to charity at the end of the year.  Changes to the program should be active by pre-season 2014.  

The purpose of the Fan Conduct Class is to help educate fans who have been ejected for violations of the team or stadiums code of conduct policy, improve the game experience, and create an environment of civility among fans.  The course is meant to teach fans about the teams policiys as well as some basic techniques for improving their own behavior when attending future games.  While most fans will never have to take this program, ejected fans can expect to learn a great deal about how to improve their own behavior as well as better understand the impact they have on others.

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Fan Conduct Class was designed by Dr. Ari Novick in association with National Football League.  Our online Fan Conduct classes can be utilized by any venue as well as any professional sports league.  Our programs are designed to improve fan safety, increase fan moral, and make the game, concert or venue day experience as enjoyable as possible.  Please contact Dr. Novick at 949-715-2694 for more information.

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