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The Fan Conduct Class program was developed to improve fan safety and make the game or venue day experience as enjoyable as possible.  Fans or guests who have violated the stadium, team or venues “code of conduct” policy and are asked to leave the stadium, will be required to take this 4 hour online class in order to re-enter the stadium for future events.  Fans that do not take the take the class may be arrested for trespassing if they are found inside the venue again. The class is educational in nature.  It is aimed at teaching fans skills to better understand the risk and consequences of alcohol use, how disruptive behavior affects others, and to better understand the stadium, team or venue code of conduct policy.  Fans will also learn coping skills related to improving empathy towards other fans, better managing event day stress and improving communication. The course is not punitive, but rather informational, educational and engaging.  It shows a best practice effort on the part of your venue, team or stadium. It also serves to reduce disorderly conduct, improve fan moral, increase attendance, and create the safest possible environment for fans.

Our Fan Conduct Class program is currently implemented as a best practice policy for all NFL stadiums and is also being utilized by two Major League Soccer arenas.    There is no start-up cost associated with implementing the program and a portion of proceeds of each class sale can be donated to a local or national charity.  Please contact our office for more information.

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