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We are please to have the University of Mississippi join the Fan Conduct Class as the first major university to utilize our online education classes to address issues related to violating school policies, disruptive behavior and alcohol abuse while attending game or venues at the university.  The online course is designed similarly to those we provide for the NFL and MLS; however the content is customized specifically for the University of Mississippi. 

Topics include:

   The University Creed;

   University Game Day policies;

   Student Conduct Policies;

   The 2 Strike Policy;

   Other relevant University information;

   Alcohol Education, Risk Reduction and Prevention;

   Skills To Improve Game/Event Day Stress; and Improving Disruptive Behavior.

The purpose of this online course is to educate students on acceptable game day behavior that is in alignment with University values and policies. Upon completion of this online course, students will have a better understanding of game day expectations and student conduct policies identified in the M Book.

If you are a college or university, please feel free to contact us to learn more about how our fan and student education classes online can help improve campus safety and the venue day experience.

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