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Most people who take our program, do so as a result of being ejected from a NFL or MLS game for violating the stadiums "fan code of conduct".  What most people might be surprised to know is that only about .05% of fans ever get ejected from a game.  The question we get asked the most is the following, "what is the major reason for a fan to get ejected?".  The answer to that question is a bit complicated.  Fans get ejected for reason that most would consider common sense, such as being reckless and intoxicated in public, starting a fight or excessive use of profanity.

The Fan Conduct Class was designed to help improve the game day experience and overall fan safety.  We don't expect that fan violence will end as a result of this program, but we do hope that this program, in conjuntion with other league efforts will move toward this goal.

Attending games should be fun, exciting and enjoyable for everyone.  Our hope is that this very small percentage of people that take our programs learn some new skills and gain some insight into how to behave more appropriately when they do attend their next game.  For those that might have questions about our classes, please feel free to contact our office at 949-715-2694.

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