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We will be making some modifications to the program for the 2014 season.  The class will encompass more topics related to all possible code of conduct violations league wide.  The class will soon be translated into Spanish as well as a mobile friendly version of the program to make use on cellular and other non desktop devices.  We are moving into our 5th full season with the class, and the NFL is working hard on their part to create the safest and most enjoyable game day experience possible. Enforcement of the program is also moving in the right direction.  Fans who are ejected and required to take the class may not return to ANY NFL stadium until the class is completed along with a written appology to security.  The price of the class will also increase for 2014 as well as the amount donated to charity at the end of the year.  Changes to the program should be active by pre-season 2014.  

The purpose of the Fan Conduct Class is to help educate fans who have been ejected for violations of the team or stadiums code of conduct policy, improve the game experience, and create an environment of civility among fans.  The course is meant to teach fans about the teams policiys as well as some basic techniques for improving their own behavior when attending future games.  While most fans will never have to take this program, ejected fans can expect to learn a great deal about how to improve their own behavior as well as better understand the impact they have on others.

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