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As we approach our 4th season refining the Fan Conduct Class program, the NFL has asked Dr. Ari Novick to come and present as a panel speaker at this years Train the Trainer confernce in June. The primary goal is the educate the teams on the new udpates that have been made for the 2013/14 season and best practices for contining implementation of this very successful program.

Teams will also get a preview of some new tracking and reporting features that they will have access to for this next season.  This will help better equipe the teams with more data and help the league better track fans who have taken the class.

Fan safety is paramount for the NFL and the Fan Conduct has is just one of the many ways they are addressing this very important issue.  

Some changes to the class for next year  for the fan include a slighly shorter program, improved page timers, better branding and imagery of the teams, more NFL specific examples and a improved user experience.  

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