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The class was designed for professional sports clubs, colleges, and major venues to address fan safety through education. Our program was designed to educate fans about their role in creating the safest possible environment for themselves and others while attending any event. Improving fan safety creates a happier experience for all patrons and reduces liability for the stadium, club, venue or arena. Our classes should not be taken as a substitute for medical or psychological counseling or advice or as a replacement for in/out patient treatment.

Fan Conduct Class Course Outline

  • Introduction of course
  • What is Disruptive Fan Behavior
  • Understanding Your Clubs Code of Conduct Policy
  • Review of Stadium/Club Alcohol Policy
  • Education on Stadium Safety Protocols
  • Education and Skills in Diversity and Civility
  • Skills in Game Day Empathy
  • Skills in improving Game Day Communication
  • Skills in Game Day Stress Management
  • Game Day Drinking Can Be Dangerous
  • Re-cap and Review of Stadium policies and Course Content