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Read what our clients have to say about our fan code of conduct classes:

“This online class opened my eyes to how badly I have been behaving at games for so many years. While I don’t think I have a problem with alcohol, I can see how my behavior has affected other fans. I learned a lot.”
Brian C. — Warwick, RI
“When I was sent the letter to take the class I first thought it was totally lame. After taking the class, I realize that my drinking does get out of control and I need to be more responsible. We all love to party, but no one likes being the target of an out of control drunk at a game. Great program.”
Philip A. — Mound, MN
“Thank you for providing this service. While I was a bit embarrassed to have to take this program, I am so glad that the stadium has a program in place like this. I actually learned some skills I can use at home too.”
Noah D. — Drexel Hill, PA
“ provided an excellent course. The course was spot on and very helpful. Thank you so much!”
Logan H. — Huntersville, NC
“I didn’t even know my team had a code of conduct. While it should have been common sense for me, I guess I learned a valuable lesson taking this class. I also know how serious stadium security is on cracking down on bad behavior. Enjoyable program and a good experience for me.”
Jon W. — Lynnfield, MA
“This course really opened my eyes to the fact that my drinking does get out of control. I learned some valuable tips for staying in better control and not allowing myself to be so irresponsible at games.”
Richard F. — Atlanta, GA
“The part of managing game day stress was really useful. I thought this was going to be really boring, but I actually ended up learning a lot. I'll really think more about how I act at games going forward.”
Jordan G. — Kansas City, KS
“It was a really a great learning experience. Thank you for the ease of this course. I will recommend this link to any one who needs it! It was really easy, and all you have to do is read the passage and answer the questions. Excellent learning experience and provided compliance with my required Fan Code of Conduct Class to re-enter the stadium.”
Jack E. — Huntersville, NC